Ms. Courtenay brings her love of dance to elementary schools preschools and childcare centers, recreation centers and more.     

Ms. Courtenay uses her more than 20 years experience as a dance educator to develop her unique dance curriculum that focuses on the younger child: preschool and elementary age .  Classes are designed to be non-competitive between dancers and students learn in a nurturing, friendly, familiar environment where they already feel comfortable(school!). Classes are affordable and you won't find a more family friendly recital, no tickets to buy, and take all the pictures and video you can! Ms. Courtenay brings everything a dance class needs: barres, age appropriate music, props, etc.....

no fancy studio required.

Hello & Welcome to Ms. Courtenay's Dance Class

2016/2017 Dance

classes start Aug. 29th

The mobile, on-site dance studio in the safety of your neighborhood school.



Ms. Courtenay's  Dance Class

Everything is the same this year!

Still the same lowest tuition

and registration rates!!!

Most Schedules are the same too!


EVERY class includes brain compatible dance education to benefit the dancers' focus, attention and learning beyond the dance class!