Preballet -   ages 2-4  :     A typical  30 minute Preballet class combines basic fundamentals of ballet, primary ballet positions and steps with French terminology and the translation of every step with creative movement.  Dancers enjoy moving to music,exploration of general and personal space, rhythm, and gross motor skills. The use of props like scarves, tambourines and bean bags foster their sense of creativity, and musicality.  Non-physical benefits can be gained as well: self confidence, independence, socialization...this class also reinforces concepts like taking turns and respecting ones space.

Ballet 1 -  ages 5-7 :    A  typical 45 minute ballet 1 class  encompasses barrework, centre floor, technique, and across the floor combinations with French terminology and the translation for every step. A new step is taught each week and culminates with choreography of final dances for the end of the year recital.    Second year or even third year students are taught to progress even further in their study with attention to posture,beginning turnout, and extra attention to placement and strength.

​​​​​​Ms. Courtenay's  Dance Class

Ballet 2/ Prepointe -       ages 8 and up :   A typical  45 minute ballet 2/prepointe class encompasses barrework, centre floor, technique and  across the floor combinations with an emphasis on age appropriate strengthening exercises to prepare growing feet for eventual pointe shoes as well as more complex jumps and turns later in the year. An opportunity for self-choreography and stage direction is introduced in this class as well. This class culminates with the end of the year recital.  Second and third year students are taught to progress even further in their study with emphasis on  posture, turnout, and extra attention to placement, execution of steps and strength.

      Ms. Courtenay developed her own unique dance curriculum with her over 20 years experience as a dance educator. Her enthusiastic approach and non-competitive style offer a comfortable place for learning. Each dancer is encouraged to learn and progress at their own pace. Ms. Courtenay is the only instructor and personally teaches every class, she has completed level 2 background screening and is CPR certified.

Tap/Jazz/Hiphop Fusion -        ages 7 - up :  This class combines the traditional rhythmic patterns of tap with classical jazz and street styles of hip hop dance. the class is broken down into sections;   typically begins with tap where students will learn a new tap step each week - just ask anyone who's taken a tap class from Ms. Courtenay- it's the most fun class - #yes,wemakeanddrinkShirleyTemple'sinclass!   The jazz hip hop portion combines classic jazz  steps with isolations and freestyle moves. This class culminates with the end of the year recital.